PGM Portrait Thank you for visiting the website of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West.

Freemasonry in the Province, which covers the Scottish Local Authority area of Inverclyde, has a long and honourable history dating back to 1728 and while the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West was actually formed in 1826 (Grand Lodge Minute 6th February 1826 refers), it could be argued that the first Provincial Grand Lodge in Scotland was established here on 3rd February, 1739, when Alexander Drummond, Collector of Customs, Greenock and Master of Lodge Greenock Kilwinning No. 15 (later renamed Lodge Greenock Kilwinning No. XII) was appointed by John Keith, 3rd Earl of Kintore, the then Grand Master Mason, to supervise the “West Country Lodges”, which included the Counties of Renfrew, Argyll, Stirling, Dunbartonshire, “Clydesdale” and Inverness.

Over the next hundred years or so, this vast area, referred to as the “West Country Lodges” was divided into individual Provinces culminating in the creation of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West in 1826, which has existed now for the last 194 years.

There has therefore been a Provincial Grand Lodge presence in Renfrewshire West since 1739 and in 2014, we celebrated the 275th anniversary of the creation of that first Provincial Grand Lodge.

For the last 290 years, Freemasonry has been an integral part of the social history of Inverclyde contributing to development of the area with many of its members fulfilling senior position in Local government, Industry and Commerce.

The individual Lodges have given generously to charities, both Masonic and non-Masonic alike, local and national and at times international. Within the boundaries of Inverclyde, Scottish Freemasons operate and manage their own Care Home at Quarriers Village, providing long-term care and day-care facilities to all members of society.

Freemasons in Inverclyde are also supportive of on-going local charities and in recent years have assisted with funding to Inverclyde Council on Disability (Motability Scooters), the Inverclyde Music Festival and the Beacon Theatre project.

Annually, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West sponsor a Citizen of the Year award, which is awarded to an individual or group who have contributed to the community by way of exemplary service, often otherwise unacknowledged or rewarded. The recipients of the 2012 award were the INVERCLYDE TOURIST GROUP for their work in promoting the community of Inverclyde to visitors to the area.

Freemasons are and have been for centuries, an integral and responsible part of the local community, dedicated to promoting the general well-being of ALL law-abiding citizens.

Freemasonry is an ancient and honourable society. It promotes and encourages steady principles in life in an increasingly changing world.

We are not an organisation which serves our self-interests but through the traditional values of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth, we offer an opportunity to good men to find greater fulfilment in their lives.

Above all we are not a secret society and we welcome expressions of interest from men of mature age who are genuinely interested in improving society around them.

Please enjoy your visit to our website and feel free to contact us with your comments.

Robin McIntyre

Provincial Grand Master