Weekly Update 28th April 2023 GMM Bro William Ramsay McGhee



The Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland

William Ramsay McGhee, MStJ, D.L., Grand Master Mason


What an enjoyable day we had in Beauly with the Brethren of Lodge Priory – all went well and the welcome and hospitality extended to the Grand Lodge Deputation was exceptional.

Likewise, the welcome received in Dublin was tremendous. On Thursday night we enjoyed a formal dinner in Grand Lodge along with the other visiting Grand Lodge representatives. On Friday, the Grand Lodge was packed to capacity to witness the Installation of Brother Rodney McCurley and his Depute. The entire ceremony was relayed by CCTV to another venue such was the demand for tickets. The Ceremony itself was different from our Grand Lodge Installation Ceremony which made the day all the more interesting and enjoyable.

On Friday night, Past Grand Master, Brother Charles Iain Robert Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont and Grand Secretary attended the Installation Banquet while I headed back to be in Beauly on Saturday morning. We all enjoyed the Irish experience and look forward to having the same working relationship with Brother Rodney McCurley as we have enjoyed with Brother Douglas Gray.

Yesterday, we had a meeting of Grand Committee which, depending on how the vote goes on 8th June, could be the final meeting of Grand Committee as we know it. It was a short but very productive meeting with good positive reports coming from all the Committees. 

As we approach the Grand Lodge Meeting in June, several Brethren have rightly been asking questions as to how the proposed changes will work in practice. To give the Brethren the best possible understanding of the proposed changes, Grand Secretary is preparing a Frequently Asked Questions article which will appear on the Grand Lodge website. Details will be circulated soon.

On Sunday 7th May, accompanied by Brothers William Gauld, Alexander Moncrieff and Duncan McFadyen, I will attend a Service of Thanksgiving in commemoration of the Coronation, in Glasgow Cathedral. I look forward to flying the flag of Scottish Freemasonry at the service.


  • The Group saw its membership rise to 7137 Brethren from not only the Scottish Constitution but from many of our Sister Constitutions throughout the world.
  • This week saw the total examples of charitable giving recorded within the group rise to 1660, submitted by 475 of its members.
  • These updated contributions can now be attributed as to being made on behalf of 437 Lodges, from within 59 of its Provincial Grand Lodges, District Grand Lodges, Superintendencies and Lodges abroad under the direct supervision of Grand Lodge. 
  • During the week posts were submitted by group members representing the Provinces of Inverness-shire, Lanarkshire Upper Ward, Linlithgowshire, Midlothian, Perthshire West, Renfrewshire East, and Renfrewshire West.
  • The total identifiable monetary value of the contributions now recorded has risen to £3,280,275.
SCFS Overseas Report 
  • At the end of our 3rd year, it’s extremely heartening to reflect upon the fact that we have a Membership of 1928Brethren from our Lodges overseas ... and that this membership increases steadily. In this respect, this week, particular reference is made to Lodge Perla del Oriente, No. 1034(Philippines, Far East), to Lodge Peace, No. 908 (Lebanon) and to Lodge St. Andrew, No. 829 (Western Australia). 
  • It’s also heartening to note that there are now 1737members, from Lodges operating under other Masonic constitutions which are recognised by the GLoS, who are spreading news of the excellent support shown in the published posts on SCFS. This week, new members joined from Lodges under the GL of Nevada, GL of the Philippinesand UGLE
  • A third heartening point is the steady submission of posts from overseas. This week, an excellent post was received from Brother Nihal Fonseka, DoC, Lodge Bonnie Doon, No 611. He detailed the outstanding support provided by the Brethren from the four Lodges in Sri Lanka, in conjunction with Brethren from Mangalore, and coordinated by Brother Dr. Jayakrishnan, IPM, St. Andrew’s Lodge, No. 1832, in donating over £4000 worth of essential surgical sutures. These are in extremely short supply in Sri Lanka.

Tonight, Friday 28th I look forward to attending the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire accompanied by Substitute Grand Master, Brother Alexander Moncrieff, where we will witness a Reigning Masters’ Degree. Tomorrow, it’s off to Fife to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Lodge St Clair of Dysart No 520

Finally, as always, please stay safe and look after each other.

Ramsay McGhee

Grand Master Mason