Covid -19 Update 7th May 2021 GMM Bro William Ramsay McGhee


The Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland

William Ramsay McGhee, MStJ, D.L., Grand Master Mason


Last week Grand Committee circulated the 1st edition of the guidance for re-opening Lodges. Can I stress the fact that the documentation is guidance – given the diverse nature of our Lodges, it is impossible to find a one size fits all solution. The guidance will be updated regularly by the Administration Committee as Government Guidelines and local circumstances change. I would appeal to Provincial and District Grand Masters to ensure that the guidance notes are adapted to suit local needs.

On Wednesday afternoon we enjoyed the first presentation in Series 4 of the History and Heritage lectures when Brother Dr Kang Tee Yong gave us a very interesting and informative lecture on the history of the District Grand Lodge of the Middle East. There were some concerns that having the lecture at 13.00 hours due to the time difference might not work but contrary to that, the presentation attracted an audience of 145 Brethren.

The next lecture in the series will be at 13.00 hours on Wednesday12th May from our District Grand Lodge of Gibraltar.


 and - SCFS-Showcase 

The Group saw its membership rise to 5082 Brethren from not only the Scottish Constitution but from many of our Sister Constitutions throughout the world.

This week saw the total examples of charitable giving recorded within the group rise to 771, submitted by 282 of its members.

These updated contributions can now be attributed as to being made on behalf of 319 Lodges, from within all 32 Provincial Grand Lodges, 23 of its District Grand Lodges, Superintendencies and Lodges under the direct supervision of Grand Lodge.

The total identifiable monetary value of the contributions now recorded has risen to £1,206,573.

This represents an average of £22,765 per week over the last 53 weeks.


SCFS Overseas Report 

  • Our Overseas Membership has now risen to 1436 This is thanks to new members joining us from Lodges in Central South Africa (Transvaal), Sierra Leone and the Gambia, Western Australia, Trinidad & Tobago and Grenada. 
  • Our membership of Brethren who belong to Lodges whose Grand Lodges are in amity with GLoS continues to grow. We now have 552 Brethren spreading news of the wonderful support, featured in the SCFS posts, throughout their constitutions.
  • This week Brethren joined from 10different Masonic constitutions, namely: GL of Canada in the Province of Ontario, GL of the Philippines, United GL of New South Wales and ACT, GL of Ohio, GL of India, GL of China, GL of South Africa, GL of Newfoundland and Labrador, UGLE (England, South Africa). 
  • In addition to the above, the list of Grand Lodges represented by Brethren within them joining as ICMs had the Grand Lodge of Alaska added to it. 
  • A very special welcome is extended to Brother Charles Ward, who is the Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Alaska. 
  • Brother Beng Hock Teo, District Grand Secretary of the Middle East, sent in a wonderful post showing Brother GK Dass, Almoner, Lodge Scotia, No. 1003, Penang, demonstrating care and support at the Penang Covid-19 Vaccination Centre. 
  • Another very interesting post by Brother David Slingsby, Lodge Southern Cross, No. 398, showed the District Grand Lodge of the Western Province of the Cape of Good Hope supporting firefighters with donations of sustenance as they fought a fire at the University of Cape Town. 


My sincere thanks to the Provincial Grand Master and Brethren of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West for their very warm and much appreciated welcome on Wednesday night. The presentation attracted an audience of 230. I find it truly amazing to see what we have all been able to achieve thanks to the power of Zoom.

Finally, as always, please stay safe and look after each other

Ramsay McGhee

Grand Master Mason